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Crows Nest

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Crows Nest

Reformer Pilates and Personal
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107 West St Crows Nest, NSW, 2065



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5 reasons to start with us

Family Culture

Be part of an amazing family culture


Increase confidence


Lengthen, strengthen, and tone your muscles


Achieve your goals

Me time

Create some "me time"

Weight Loss

Pilates is all about precision of movement and the ability to strengthen weaker points in the body. By activating your muscles with certain techniques you are constantly burning calories and fat, for even up to an hour after the class!

Reduced Stress

By isolating and activating your muscles during your Pilates workout you burn deep stored fat cells and also reduce cortisol levels(stress hormones), all while training within a relaxed and comfortable environment.


Pilates is an all over body workout designed to stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles. Great for injury rehabilitation, sore lower backs and post birth to get the body fired up and back on track, whilst keeping you in the zen zone!

Through education, support, inspiration, everyone’s physical needs and goals will be achieved throughout Crows Nest Pilates sessions. Studio Pilates Crows Nest instructors strive to deliver precise and high-quality workouts to all clientele.

Mission Possible Fitness Pilates and personal training studio.

We offer a wide variety of Pilates and personal training classes and session to target all areas of your rehab, health and fitness goals. At Mission Possible we pride ourselves on delivering high quality sessions that are client focused. All our sessions are small and concentrated with the maximum number in a class being 6 people ensuring you get the attention you deserve. Our studios use state of the art equipment to ensure you are working with the best. Our studio has a friendly vibe to make all feel welcome and at home.

When you join us at Mission Possible you are not just joining another studio, you are joining a community.

Fitness classes 6 days a week

Group fitness classes run 6 days a week and each class is 45 minutes long.

Our classes are universally scalable, meaning they are designed to be equally challenging to all regardless of past experience or fitness.

Qualified trainer support

We have a team of experienced qualified trainers on site to help you through every stage of your fitness training.

Our trainers are always ready to motivate and offer advice, our team will inspire and train you to be in the greaetst shape of your life!

Super easy booking system

We are 100% digital! Our booking system makes it super easy to book into any class you like from your phone, tablet or home computer! When you join with us, we will email you your personal login and pin number, where you can book into your classes ahead of schedule - that way we can save a space for you everytime!

Meet the Team


Rheearn Dib

Rheearn danced for 15 years and completed all her RAD ballet, ISTD Tap, and ISTD modern exams as well as danced competitively. She always had a passion for body movement especially within her own body and was always looking for a way to share this passion with others, when finallysheI came across reformer pilates. She fell in love instantly. She was doing pilates for about 2 years before she jumped into my teacher training with Breathe Education and has never looked back. She believes everyone should be able to move their body freely and effortlessly in their everyday life and loves that pilates has given her the opportunity to help others do this and achieve their fitness goals. She is a strong believer in change and our bodies are always changing and evolving and that’s what she love about pilates. With pilates you can always take original work and put your own twist on it, this is so crucial as no two bodies are the same and every body requires and wants something different. When she is not teaching pilates she enjoys going to the gym and challenging herself with all different types of workouts like spin classes, boxing, barre and yoga. She is constantly pushing and aiming to better herself in all aspects of her training to not only help herself but also assist with her teaching. Otherwise you can find her strolling along the beach, sipping on a chai latte and enjoying the view!

Teresa Nati

Back in her best friend's lounge room circa 2001, Teresa popped on a Mari Winsor Pilates VHS and started counting to 100. It was here that she found her core, along with her love of Pilates. Teresa continued mastering her personal practise, discovering the myriad of benefits that 'Contrology' has for both the body and the mind.

Teresa then decided to turn her hobby into her career to share this passion. She completed her studies with Polestar Pilates and holds their Studio Certification, although she enjoys nothing more than continually learning from each person she is lucky enough to teach. Teresa will focus on the 'why' in your session, not just the how, to ensure a truly individualised and tailored Pilates prescription. Besides Pilates, Teresa loves curling up with a good book, preferably by the beach!

Teresa can't wait to meet you, share her love of Pilates with you, and guide you through your own Pilates journey.


Barb Stewart

Barb has always had a passion for movement and anything to do with fitness. She grew up doing ballet & Jazz, and started attending studio pilates classes when she was 17 years old. Ever since then she has been practicing pilates (mat, reformer & studio) and absolutely loves it! She loves the feeling you get after a great pilates class where you feel refreshed, taller & all stretched out, and knowing that you still managed to work/tone certain muscles/parts of your body.

Whilst on maternity leave with her second child, she realised that her passion for pilates just kept on growing as it really helped her regain her core strength and to get back into shape. Because of this she decided to leave the full-time corporate world of logistics, and focus on a pilates teaching career. During her practical training at Polestar, she has not only learnt the importance of breath in movement, but also how to design classes based on the client’s levels and contraindications (if any). Through her classes, she wants to share her passion with others and inspire them to feel better about their body and themselves by reaching their goals through movement.


Clancy McWaters

Clancy is a multi passionate creative who has dedicated her career to all things Mindset & Movement. Clancy has 20+ years experience as a Dancer and 15+ years in Representative and Club Netball. In 2011, she was introduced to Pilates after realising there was a reoccurring pattern of injury and pain, only at the age of 19. Pilates has given Clancy the tools to manage chronic back, hip and joint pain, while strengthening her core and deepening her body awareness.

Clancy believes there is no 'one size fits all approach' when it comes to health and that we are designed to move our bodies in multiple planes of motion. There has always been a desire to live a healthy life, to move joyfully and to inspire others to do the same through her teaching.

When Clancy isn’t teaching, she invests her time in her personal growth, learning about the psychology of eating, positive psychology and self-care.

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