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Is your lower back sore?

Do you have a weak core?

You can fix these problems for good with MPF Pilates & PT.

It’s time to do something for you!

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5 reasons to start with us

Family Culture

Be part of an amazing family culture


Increase confidence


Lengthen, strengthen, and tone your muscles


Achieve your goals

Me time

Create some "me time"

Weight Loss

Pilates is all about precision of movement and the ability to strengthen weaker points in the body. By activating your muscles with certain techniques you are constantly burning calories and fat, for even up to an hour after the class!

Reduced Stress

By isolating and activating your muscles during your Pilates workout you burn deep stored fat cells and also reduce cortisol levels(stress hormones), all while training within a relaxed and comfortable environment.


Pilates is an all over body workout designed to stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles. Great for injury rehabilitation, sore lower backs and post birth to get the body fired up and back on track, whilst keeping you in the zen zone!

Through education, support, inspiration, everyone’s physical needs and goals will be achieved throughout Rouse Hill Pilates sessions. Studio Pilates Rouse Hill instructors strive to deliver precise and high-quality workouts to all clientele.

Mission Possible Fitness Pilates and personal training studio.

We offer a wide variety of Pilates and personal training classes and session to target all areas of your rehab, health and fitness goals. At Mission Possible we pride ourselves on delivering high quality sessions that are client focused. All our sessions are small and concentrated with the maximum number in a class being 6 people ensuring you get the attention you deserve. Our studios use state of the art equipment to ensure you are working with the best. Our studio has a friendly vibe to make all feel welcome and at home.

When you join us at Mission Possible you are not just joining another studio, you are joining a community.

Fitness classes 6 days a week

Group fitness classes run 6 days a week and each class is 45 minutes long.

Our classes are universally scalable, meaning they are designed to be equally challenging to all regardless of past experience or fitness.

Qualified trainer support

We have a team of experienced qualified trainers on site to help you through every stage of your fitness training.

Our trainers are always ready to motivate and offer advice, our team will inspire and train you to be in the greaetst shape of your life!

Super easy booking system

We are 100% digital! Our booking system makes it super easy to book into any class you like from your phone, tablet or home computer! When you join with us, we will email you your personal login and pin number, where you can book into your classes ahead of schedule - that way we can save a space for you everytime!

Meet the Team


Samia Eldorgham

Sam first discovered her love for Pilates when she began taking mat Pilates classes whilst pregnant to keep fit and healthy prior to the birth of her baby. Working in law enforcement Sam has always had to keep fit as part of her job requirements.

Soon after having her second child, Sam discovered Reformer Pilates through a friend and began training at MPF Dural. Following her first class, she left there feeling empowered and became a regular client at the Dural studio attending classes 3 per week. "Within 6 months I had achieved all the body and health goals I had set out to". Sam loved Reformer Pilates so much, she went on to study Reformer Pilates with Studio Pilates International and is now a qualified Reformer Pilates Instructor at MPF Dural.

Sam is an avid believer that exercise can change your life and believes that Reformer Pilates can greatly reduce stresses and anxiety associated with daily life. Book in with Sam today.


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