Rachael's Recipe of the week

A salad accompanies almost every night time meal at my house, no matter the season! I’d say it’s part of the Italian culture because that’s what I grew up with. I love salads with spunk, especially if I’m entertaining or needing a light but filling lunch. If i’m eating it as a main meal, I try and incorporate a variety of elements including a protein, some crunch and a punchy dressing.


Five Ways Magnesium Benefits Children

With magnesium responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, it’s an essential mineral for optimum health. But with the consumption of more sugary foods and drinks, fussy diets and a rise in food allergies and intolerances that eliminate magnesium rich foods (like nuts and seeds) from the diet and prevent essential minerals and nutrients from being absorbed by our bodies, there is a growing rate of children experiencing magnesium deficiency.

While the benefits of magnesium are slowly but surely coming to light, you might still be surprised at how many problems and ailments magnesium can help with, from boosting energy and mood through to supporting immunity and easing the symptoms of asthma. Here are just five of the ways magnesium can benefit the smallest members of your family and set them up for great health over the long term:


Schools back in so kick off those New year resolutions you promised yourself a month ago!

Everyone has new year resolutions but do you actually achieve them!!!

Do u actually follow through?

Ask yourself what goals are most important to you.

How will you go about setting these goals.

The smart way!!

  • S - specific
  • M - measurable
  • A - achievable
  • R - realistic
  • T- time

Let's just break this down.

Specific - is the 4 w's who, what, when and where


Benefits of personal training

Some key benefits from having your own personal trainer broken down and simplified:

  • Personalised - program to suit individual needs. Whether it's for weight loss,performance,posture,strength, flexibility,injury or just companionship.
  • Motivation- helps you through your individualised program, feeling great about your self.
  • Instruction - correct technique ,preventing injuries and faster results.
  • Accountability- help you stick with the program, non judgmental support to obtain your goals.
  • Variety- beats boredom, switches muscle groups and adjusts for fitness levels.
  • Efficiency- max workout in a minimised time.


When u eat right - your body will thrive.
When you add exercise -
Your body will thrive more!

The 80/20 rule simply means:

80% of the effects come from 20% of the things u do.
Applying this principle to our lifestyle means
80% weight loss from diet
20% from exercise.



Satiety, that feeling of fullness and satisfaction after eating.

Satiety is regulated by hormones.

When the "hunger hormone" ghrelin rises, you feel hunger. After eating, ghrelin levels fall.

The satisfaction to food management ,it takes 20 mins for your food to go through and digest.

Then a hormone Leptin is released to say your full. Without this waiting period u might still feel hungry and go eat more. building a resistance to Leptin. Hence no weight control and you begin to gain the weight.

If we change the way we eat more than concentrating on dieting this will enable you a greater success in weight management.


Accelerate weight loss with DNA testing: The FTO gene

Lose weight with DNA testing today!

Everybody is built and shaped in a variety of ways: tall, short, dark, light, skinny, overweight and so on.

Though many people understand that characteristics such as tallness, shortness, darkness and fairness are something that have been passed on to us by our parents through genes; the same does not usually apply for being skinny or overweight.

These two traits are somehow looked upon as being self-imposed rather than genetically based.

The truth is, Genetics does have a role to play in someone being slim or fat. And because of that, knowing our genetic information helps tremendously in attaining our ideal body weight.


Obesity and Genetics

Obesity, along with diabetes and high blood pressure, are considered lifestyle diseases since they can to a large extent be prevented from occurring by adopting a healthy way of life.


Ground Hog Day….. Again!

Kids come screaming into our room. “Get up! Can you get up mum? I’m hungry”. So I drag myself out of bed, in disbelief that that was all the sleep I was getting. I organise breakfast, organise preschool lunch, argue with the kids about getting dressed: “Go brush your teeth. Yes, I know you brushed them yesterday, but you need to brush them again!” Then the battle starts with getting everyone in the car so we are not late for preschool drop off. “Bye Hubby, have a nice day!” “Let’s go! Stop fighting, keep your hands to yourself. Look out your own window”. We arrive in time. Phew! Now, time to take the other kids to the shops to buy this week’s groceries. “No, we aren’t getting donuts”. Back home, cleaning, washing, cleaning, packing away, playing tea parties, finger painting, cleaning, washing, oooh someone threw up, cleaning, washing…time to pick Matt up from preschool…then the dinner time battle begins: Round One - Baby crying at my feet while I’m trying to get something together for dinner. Round Two – Stand-Off between 3 kids and 3 bowls of Spaghetti Bolognese. Round Three – The big clean up. “How the heck did pasta get there?” Bath time, stories, milk, tuck them in…tuck them in again, get drink of water, tuck them in, trip to the toilet, fall back on couch to watch TV. An hour of two later crash into bed…then guess what! MORNING AGAIN. And the merry-go-round begins again.


Will more abdominal work will get you a “six-pack.”

What You Should Know:

You can’t see through fat!

Everyone has a six-pack, the muscle is known as your rectus abdominis or “abs” for short. For most of us, it’s hidden beneath a layer of fat. No matter how tight, “toned,” strong, or big your ab muscles get, it’s the fat that prevents most of us from seeing our six-pack.


Get off your ...!

If you can't bend down and pick up your kids toys while holding your baby?

If vacuuming makes you exhausted?

If you have that grunt when standing up from the couch or floor?

If you simply cant run around the backyard with your kids for 5minutes with out being puffed out, well it's time to get off your ... and do something about it!!!


Get Rid Of Your Visceral Fat

What is Visceral Fat?

Visceral fat is the fat that gathers around your organs on the inside of your abdomen. Sometimes we refer to visceral fat as a beer belly, or pot belly, which is essentially a belly that is hard as a rock on the outside, but filled with a fatty toxic goo on the inside. But, it’s not just people with big beer bellies that have visceral fat.


Special for Women

Is taking care of yourself really that selfish?

You take care of your loved ones and help them with the details of their lives they’d otherwise miss.

You’re a teacher, helper, advisor, and caregiver all wrapped up in one package.


Interested but not sure?


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