Studio pilates is a pilates style that is derived from a physiotherapy background, we aim to strengthen the body from within specifically focusing on the core.

  • Stengthening of pelvic floor
  • Tightenand flatten your tummy...
  • Tone and shape your butt!

Concentration is the number one principle in Studio Pilates working out our whole body whilst focusing on correct posture and body position, movement patterns, muscle activation and breathing.

Pilates helps to strengthen your body and is great post injury for any muscle rehabilitation including back problems!

Every class focuses on the centre of the body and activation of the core...not only does tightening these core muscles improve your posture and help prevent injury, it is the stability of this base that helps with all movement and strength activities!

Did you know????.......the secret to effective core training and gaining a flat stomach is to target the Transverse ABDOMINUS.....without specifically targeting this muscle the abdominal wall will continue to protrude or sag outwards even if you do not have much fat there....no matter how many situps you do, if you do not train the transverse abdominus muscle you will never get a flat stomach!!!

In Pilates correct muscle activation is the key combined with stretching to shape and tone your muscles using your own bodies resistance. Come and try one of our classes and start shaping and strengthening your body from the inside!!!

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Benefits of Pilates Training:

  • Efficient full body workout
  • Diverse cardio workout
  • Motivational, fun and exciting
  • Builds lean muscle and strength
  • Burns fat and calories
  • Generates results
  • Creates a sense of camaraderie among participants
  • Exercise with a group, while going at your own pace
  • Workouts can be modified to suit any level of fitness
  • Affordable

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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